By Tom Basden

    19:00, Thu 12th November 2015 - Sat 14th November 2015 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 5

    'Don't we want everyone to be political?'
    'Yes, but we don't want everyone to be politicians. That wouldn't work.'

    Six students, one garden shed, and a world that needs changing. Jared, Mel, Phoebe, Jones have decided to form a political party as a response to the dire situation they consider the world is in. Duncan wasn't expecting the party he was invited to to involve so much voting and so little dancing.

    Witty, funny, and insightful- The comedy by Tom Basden deals with what happens when narrow minds try to crack wide issues- everything from China, to Muslims, and when they should break for cake.


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