The Grand Duke
By W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

14:30, Tue 11th August 2015 at Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate
Summer Vacation

The curtain rises on the market square of Speisesaal where Ernest Dummkopf's acting troupe is rehearsing for a production of the Greek tragedy ‘Troilus and Cressida’. Beneath the theatrical veneer, a conspiracy is afoot among the thespians to overthrow Rudolph, the Grand Duke. However, this is inadvertently betrayed… With conspiracy, intrigue and a statutory duel, ‘The Grand Duke’ is sure to be an exciting show.

The show is being performed as part of the 22nd International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Harrogate. We are still looking to fill a few spaces in the chorus so if you would like to be involved in the show, please email to let us know!


Ernest Dummkopf -
Dr. Tannhäuser -
Viscount Mentone -
The Princess of Monte Carlo -
The Baroness von Krakenfeldt -
Julia Jellicoe -
Ben Hashbaz -
The Prince of Monte-Carlo -
Ensemble -
Grand Duke Rudolph -
Ensemble -

Production Team

Director -
Musical Director -
Producer -
Assistant Producer -
Costumier -
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Choreographer -
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