The Marriage of Figaro (in French with English surtitles)
    By Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais

    19:00, Thu 19th February 2015 - Sat 21st February 2015 at Robinson College Auditorium
    Lent Week 5

    « Le Mariage de Figaro » was performed in 1784 for the first time. The play was censored for many years, and this already hints at its revolutionary and insolent dimension.

    This sequel of sorts to "The Barber of Sevilla" mainly revolves around this question: will Figaro and Suzanne manage to get married and circumvent the Count’s lustful « droit du seigneur »?

    It is a witty, enjoyable and vibrant play: plots intertwine, characters drop their masks, and the feudal order of things starts to unravel. This play was (and still is) considered as foreshadowing the events of the Revolution in 1789. And to add to the original energy and liveliness of the play, which was also called « La Folle Journée » ("The Mad Day"), we’ve decided to include music interludes, dancers and a chorus... This vivacious and joyous swirl of characters, plots, puns and comic moments will keep you in your seat and leave you dazed and amused.

    The play will be performed in French with English surtitles.


    Suzanne -
    Count Almaviva -
    Countess Almaviva -
    Chérubin -
    Marceline -
    Bartholo -
    Antonio -
    Fanchette -
    Bazile -
    Brid'Oison -
    The Clerk (Double-Main) -
    Gripe-Soleil -

    Production Team

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