Cambridge Shorts
    By Various

    23:00, Tue 17th May 2016 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 3

    Five new student films – one evening.

    Cinecam proudly presents the ADC’s first ever film night, screening the premieres of five new and original student-made films.

    In a truly unique evening, you’ll have the chance to experience the best of Cambridge’s filmmaking talent.

    OUTSIDERS: Written by Nathan Miller, Directed by Nathan Miller and Patrick Brooks. A bespoke and exclusive summer camp claims a 100% record in helping socially impaired children.

    Tachyon: Written and Directed by Mark Danciger. A scientist creates a machine that can send messages back in time. The consequences are beyond her worst nightmares. A tense sci-fi thriller.

    Prelude: by Bekzhan Sarsenbay. A revolution is on. People are rioting in the streets. The workers and actors of a prestigious theatre are left to wonder who is going to win, and plan for a uncertain future.

    Clive Benderman: Written and Directed by Tom O Mara. Clive Benderman, a 31-year-old, data-entry worker from Swindon. After forgetting to buy a leaving present for his co-worker, Clive decides to make amends.

    OWL#307: Written and Directed by Johnny King. OWL#307: Written and Directed by Johnny King. "I dreamt I heard the owl hooting again...a full-bodied screech of righteousness and assurance."

    Marie hasn't left her hotel room for a fortnight now. The door is locked and her mysterious acquaintance has not returned since taking her there. Accompanied only by a wooden owl, tins of fish and trapped spiders, she starts to write...

    A warped examination of solitude and confusion, OWL #307 is as disorientating as it is relatable.


    Host -
    Gabby (OUTSIDERS) -
    Emily (OUTSIDERS) -
    Susan (OUTSIDERS) -
    Wilson (OUTSIDERS) -
    Jeremiah (OUTSIDERS) -
    Otis (OUTSIDERS) -
    Adam (OUTSIDERS) -
    Paul (Tachyon) -
    Lewis (Tachyon) -
    Kitty (Prelude) -
    Marisa (Prelude) -
    Vasily (Prelude) -
    Lydia (Prelude) -
    Danil (Prelude) -
    Anjelika (Prelude) -
    Sergei (Prelude) -
    Marcus (Prelude) -
    Cellist #1 (Prelude) -
    Cellist #2 (Prelude) -
    Cellist #3 (Prelude) -
    Cellist #4 (Prelude) -
    Trumpeter (Prelude) -
    Violinist (Prelude) -
    Clive (Clive Benderman) -
    Betty (Clive Benderman) -
    Cast (Clive Benderman) - , ,
    Steve (Clive Benderman) -
    Marie (OWL#307) -
    Voice of Marie (OWL#307) -
    Denizen (OWL#307) - ,
    Voice of Denizen (OWL#307) -

    Production Team

    Producer -
    Associate Producer - ,
    Publicity Designer -
    Producer -
    Assistant Producer -
    Associate Producer -
    Lighting Design -
    Sound Design, Projectionist -
    Sound/Projection Op -
    Stage Manager -
    Production Assistant -
    Co-Director/Writer (OUTSIDERS) -
    Co-Director (OUTSIDERS) -
    Production Designer (OUTSIDERS) -
    Costume Designer (OUTSIDERS) -
    Production Assistant (OUTSIDERS) - ,
    Co-Producer/1st Assistant Director (OUTSIDERS) -
    Co-Producer/Continuity (OUTSIDERS) -
    Sound Operator (OUTSIDERS) -
    Writer/Director (Tachyon) -
    Producer (Tachyon) -
    Composer (Tachyon) -
    Assistant Director (Tachyon) -
    Camera Assistant (Tachyon) -
    Camera Operator (Tachyon) -
    Production Designer (Tachyon) -
    Production Assistant (Tachyon) -
    Sound Recordist (Tachyon) -
    Sound Designer (Tachyon) -
    Assistant Producer (Tachyon) - ,
    Script Supervisor (Tachyon) -
    Director of Photography (Tachyon) -
    Assistant Production Designer (Tachyon) - ,
    Costume Designer (Tachyon) -
    Colourist (Tachyon) -
    Editor (Tachyon) -
    Director (Prelude) -
    Producer (Prelude) - ,
    Director of Photography (Prelude) -
    Assistant Director (Prelude) -
    Camera Operator (Prelude) -
    Script Supervisor (Prelude) -
    Assitant Production Designer (Prelude) -
    Production Assistant (Prelude) - , ,
    Producer (Prelude) -
    Camera/Editor (Clive Benderman) -
    Sound (Clive Benderman) -
    Director Writer Composer Camera (OWL#307) -
    Producer (OWL#307) -
    Publicity Designer (OWL#307) -
    Associate Producer (OWL#307) -
    Production Designer (Prelude) -