Cambridge Shorts
    By Various

    23:00, Tue 17th May 2016 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 3

    Five new student films – one evening.

    Cinecam proudly presents the ADC’s first ever film night, screening the premieres of five new and original student-made films.

    In a truly unique evening, you’ll have the chance to experience the best of Cambridge’s filmmaking talent.

    OUTSIDERS: Written by Nathan Miller, Directed by Nathan Miller and Patrick Brooks. A bespoke and exclusive summer camp claims a 100% record in helping socially impaired children.

    Tachyon: Written and Directed by Mark Danciger. A scientist creates a machine that can send messages back in time. The consequences are beyond her worst nightmares. A tense sci-fi thriller.

    Prelude: by Bekzhan Sarsenbay. A revolution is on. People are rioting in the streets. The workers and actors of a prestigious theatre are left to wonder who is going to win, and plan for a uncertain future.

    Clive Benderman: Written and Directed by Tom O Mara. Clive Benderman, a 31-year-old, data-entry worker from Swindon. After forgetting to buy a leaving present for his co-worker, Clive decides to make amends.

    OWL#307: Written and Directed by Johnny King. OWL#307: Written and Directed by Johnny King. "I dreamt I heard the owl hooting again...a full-bodied screech of righteousness and assurance."

    Marie hasn't left her hotel room for a fortnight now. The door is locked and her mysterious acquaintance has not returned since taking her there. Accompanied only by a wooden owl, tins of fish and trapped spiders, she starts to write...

    A warped examination of solitude and confusion, OWL #307 is as disorientating as it is relatable.


    Gabby (OUTSIDERS)
    Emily (OUTSIDERS)
    Susan (OUTSIDERS)
    Wilson (OUTSIDERS)
    Jeremiah (OUTSIDERS)
    Otis (OUTSIDERS)
    Adam (OUTSIDERS)
    Paul (Tachyon)
    Lewis (Tachyon)
    Kitty (Prelude)
    Marisa (Prelude)
    Vasily (Prelude)
    Lydia (Prelude)
    Danil (Prelude)
    Anjelika (Prelude)
    Sergei (Prelude)
    Marcus (Prelude)
    Cellist #1 (Prelude)
    Cellist #2 (Prelude)
    Cellist #3 (Prelude)
    Cellist #4 (Prelude)
    Trumpeter (Prelude)
    Violinist (Prelude)
    Clive (Clive Benderman)
    Betty (Clive Benderman)
    Cast (Clive Benderman), ,
    Steve (Clive Benderman)
    Marie (OWL#307)
    Voice of Marie (OWL#307)
    Denizen (OWL#307),
    Voice of Denizen (OWL#307)

    Production Team

    Associate Producer – ,
    Publicity Designer
    Assistant Producer
    Associate Producer –
    Lighting Design –
    Sound Design, Projectionist –
    Sound/Projection Op –
    Stage Manager
    Production Assistant –
    Co-Director/Writer (OUTSIDERS) –
    Co-Director (OUTSIDERS) –
    Production Designer (OUTSIDERS) –
    Costume Designer (OUTSIDERS) –
    Production Assistant (OUTSIDERS) – ,
    Co-Producer/1st Assistant Director (OUTSIDERS) –
    Co-Producer/Continuity (OUTSIDERS) –
    Sound Operator (OUTSIDERS) –
    Writer/Director (Tachyon) –
    Producer (Tachyon) –
    Composer (Tachyon) –
    Assistant Director (Tachyon) –
    Camera Assistant (Tachyon) –
    Camera Operator (Tachyon) –
    Production Designer (Tachyon) –
    Production Assistant (Tachyon) –
    Sound Recordist (Tachyon) –
    Sound Designer (Tachyon) –
    Assistant Producer (Tachyon) – ,
    Script Supervisor (Tachyon) –
    Director of Photography (Tachyon) –
    Assistant Production Designer (Tachyon) – ,
    Costume Designer (Tachyon) –
    Colourist (Tachyon) –
    Editor (Tachyon) –
    Director (Prelude) –
    Producer (Prelude) – ,
    Director of Photography (Prelude) –
    Assistant Director (Prelude) –
    Camera Operator (Prelude) –
    Script Supervisor (Prelude) –
    Assitant Production Designer (Prelude) –
    Production Assistant (Prelude) – , ,
    Producer (Prelude) –
    Camera/Editor (Clive Benderman) –
    Sound (Clive Benderman) –
    Director Writer Composer Camera (OWL#307) –
    Producer (OWL#307) –
    Publicity Designer (OWL#307) –
    Associate Producer (OWL#307) –
    Production Designer (Prelude) –