Doctor Faustus
    By Christopher Marlowe

    19:00, Thu 24th November 2016 at Friends of Peterhouse Theatre
    19:00, Sat 26th November 2016 at Friends of Peterhouse Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 7

    "Oh I have seen enough to torture me"

    Peterhouse Fresher's Play Michaelmas 2016


    Doctor Faustus
    Valdes/The Archbishop of Rheims/Gluttony
    Cornelius/Alexander the Great
    Scholar I
    Scholar II
    Scholar III
    The Old Man/Lechery
    Pope Adrian/Sloth
    Lord Raymond/Covetousness
    Charles V/Pride
    Benvolio/Wrath/Good Angel
    The Duke of Vanholt/Lucifer
    The Duchess of Vanholt/Alexander's Paramour/Helen of Troy
    Bad Angel
    Devil I
    Devil II

    Production Team

    Co-Director ,
    Set Designer
    Costume Designer
    Stage Manager
    Lighting Operator –
    Sound Operator –
    Hair and Make-Up –