Kenneth Watton's Bedtime Chat Show 3: The Benign Comedy
    By Kyle Turakhia

    21:30, Fri 17th June 2016 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 7

    Kenneth Watton, five-time [###SYSTEM ERROR####]M.ï√°c@fireside3>â¶åûÛÔWarm///wet///GñIP¨ûêüúü$///winner of love/Ω®ú)42424242/shining array of guests. This may well be your last opportunity to see í’‰¨’=¸ôH¿~Œ±M"ù2óP'îÜ¿ [Sandra, what’s going on where are my] «àÇ£x˛∑í-?±0D+˛YPƒ slippers: flÓóàøÄ*≤t’|ZÁ most famous beard. Cast away your catalogues >ˇª˜àŸnHP©—Ë°ÚÛ€"U9YcUœEèıRŒ come all, to the Cprous Playroom! ‘;∆ˇ?®ê&ÆD$’TtNfl›ß62 the man himself.

    Retiring host Kenneth Watton stretches out the laugh lines one last time. Join a sparkling line-up of guests for a final fling with the madrigal maestro.


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