The Descent of Orpheus into the Underworld
    By Marc-Antoine Charpentier

    20:00, Fri 18th November 2016 at The Round Church
    19:00, Sat 19th November 2016 at The Round Church
    21:00, Sat 19th November 2016 at The Round Church
    Michaelmas Week 6

    This beautiful but little-known opera tells the ancient legend of Orpheus and Euridice, where Orpheus must rescue Euridice from Pluton, the God of the Underworld, charming him with music after she dies at their marriage celebrations. Encompassing lively Baroque dances as well as sumptuous arias, Orpheus attempts to rescue his beloved in a work that explores a wide range of human emotions, from joy and love, to the darkest depths of grief and despair, in only an hour.


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