Comic Potential
By Alan Ayckbourn

19:45, Tue 25th July 2017 at ADC Theatre
19:45, Wed 26th July 2017 at ADC Theatre
19:45, Thu 27th July 2017 at ADC Theatre
19:45, Fri 28th July 2017 at ADC Theatre
14:30, Sat 29th July 2017 at ADC Theatre
19:45, Sat 29th July 2017 at ADC Theatre
Summer Vacation

This is one of the funniest and most inventive plays by Britain's grand master of comedy.
A hilarious satire of television and a touching romantic comedy, it begins in a television studio where a hospital soap opera is being taped. One actor starts speaking gibberish; he is an "actoid" a robot and his programming is off kilter. Adam, the nephew of the producer and an aspiring writer who worships the director (once a great movie director and now a broken down has been), is on the set.
Adam starts chatting with Jacie Tripplethree, the actoid playing the nurse and finds, to his surprise, that not only can she carry on a conversation but, due to what she calls a fault in her programming, she has a creative imagination. Adam wants to build a new television series around her but the studio will not hear of it. He also finds he is falling in love with the charming robot!
Will Adam get the green light on his series? Will love prevail?


JCF 3133 Jacie Triplethree
Adam Trainsmith
Chandler (Chance) Tate
Carla Pepperbloom
Prim Spring
Trudi Floote / Woman in Restaurant / Woman in Shop
Young Man / Farmer / Waiter 1 / Turkey
Marmion / Desk Clerk / Waiter 2
Doctor / Lester Trainsmith / Man in Shop / Man in Restaurant
Mother / Farmer's Wife / Sales Assistant / Prostitute

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