Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
By Book by Jeffrey Lane, Music and Lyrics by David Yazbek

19:45, Thu 1st – Sat 3rd June 2017 at ADC Theatre
19:45, Tue 6th – Sat 10th June 2017 at ADC Theatre
14:30, Sat 10th June 2017 at ADC Theatre
Easter Week 5 to Week 6

The Côte d'Azur town of Beaumont-sur-Mer has provided rich pickings for Lawrence Jameson, schmoozing and seducing amongst the wealthy elite and nouveau riche ladies who gather around the casinos and yacht parties. With generous kickbacks to the local police chief to keep the law on his side, Lawrence happily promises everything but delivers nothing except impossible dreams and lightened purses.

When small-time hustler Freddy Benson starts working the same targets Lawrence sees an opportunity to take on a protégé. However, it soon becomes clear that the town isn’t big enough for the both of them and the two conmen have to agree on a winner-takes-all showdown.

The tunes and the laughs come thick and fast as Lawrence and Freddy try all their best tricks to swindle $50,000 from Christine Colgate, ‘The American Soap Queen’. Who ends up the winner? You’ll have come along and see us to find out in this glitzy, fabulous, sophisticated, lavish and completely hilarious musical comedy extravaganza!