Much Ado About Nothing
    By William Shakespeare

    14:00, Wed 14th June 2017 - Fri 16th June 2017 at Peterhouse Deer Park
    16:00, Sat 17th June 2017 at Peterhouse Deer Park
    Easter Week 7

    Claudio loves Hero and Hero loves Claudio, and nothing seems capable of tearing them apart. Claudio‘s friend Benedick loves Beatrice and Beatrice loves Benedick, but nothing seems capable of bringing them together. In this world, irony and sarcasm reign and everyone is dreadfully afraid of being uncool.
    Much Ado oozes raw, radical wit and almost begs to be relieved of some of its archaisms and formalities. It is coming to the Peterhouse Deer Park in a stripped-down, young translation; as a modern take on a timeless social dynamic, and a very weird wedding.

    Expect new feminist readings of legendary couples, 90's subcultures, grimey dead ends, smokers' corners and some of the finest and most brutal Shakespearean insults.


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