Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt?
    By Claire Dowie

    21:30, Tue 9th – Sat 13th May 2017 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 2

    Dowie’s best known ‘stand-up play’ is a fierce and subversive monologue about gender expectations and stereotypes, spoken by someone who doesn’t want to be a ‘girl’, doesn’t want to wear skirts, but just wants to be John Lennon. What begins as frustration at the impracticality of the compulsory school skirt – only good for showing off legs and absolutely no good for playing football – becomes an articulate and passionate invective against obligatory femininity. Why is John Lennon Wearing A Skirt? is a powerful condemnation of society’s aggressive reinforcement of gender constructs, and the difficulties of finding a way to be who you want to be.

    With reviews as ‘sad, sane, serious and very funny’ (The Guardian) and ‘truly unforgettable and equally unmissable’ (Broadwaybaby Edinburgh Fringe), this show will be a must see this term.



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