Deep Cut
    By Philip Ralph.

    19:30, Mon 11th June 2018 - Wed 13th June 2018 at Homerton College, TBC
    Easter Week 7

    Don't embellish. Don't exaggerate. Tell the truth. Stick to it.
    Deep Cut Army Barracks:
    9th of June 1995.
    27th of November 1995.
    17th of September 2001.
    23rd of March 2002.
    Privates Sean Benton (20), Cheryl James (18), Geoff Gray and James Collinson (both 17) were discovered, dead under suspicious circumstances. Or not-so-suspicious according to those in charge of the inquiry...
    Following botched investigations, questionable court proceedings and potential cover-ups, these cases still remain, in the minds of the victim's families, unsolved.

    Winner of the 2008 Amnesty International Freedom of Expression prize, and with new additions reflecting the still-developing details of this case, this thought-provoking Verbatim piece sets out to inform and captivate the viewer, with the hope that they will continue to follow this case in the years to come.


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