By W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

    14:30, Mon 13th August 2018 at Harrogate Theatre
    Summer Vacation

    A troupe of Lords tangle with a swarm of mischievous fairies as they try to woo the much-desired Phyllis. However, Phyllis is in love with Strephon – half-fairy, half-mortal, a lowly shepherd and nephew of the Fairy Queen. When the pompous lords break up the happy couple, the fairies vow revenge. Installing one of their own, the hapless Strephon, in Parliament, they incite liberal rebellion. Frivolity ensues as lofty lords and feisty fairies collide in the ever bumpy road to love.

    The CUG&S society is taking Iolanthe to the 25th international Gilbert and Sullivan festival in Harrogate in August! Don't miss your chance to be involved in this performance!


    Iolanthe -
    Strephon -
    Lord Chancellor -
    Fairy Queen -
    Lord Mountararat -
    Lord Tolloller -
    Private Willis -
    Fleta -
    Peer of Highest Station -
    Fairy -
    Peer of Highest Station -
    Phyllis -
    Smol Peer -


    Conductor -
    Piano -

    Production Team

    Musical Director -
    Director -
    Producer -
    Assistant Musical Director -
    Choreographer -
    Costume Designer -