Massacre at Paris
    By Christopher Marlowe

    21:00, Mon 5th March 2018 - Wed 7th March 2018 at Christ's College Chapel
    Lent Week 7

    Massacre At Paris is a play which exposes the brutal fight between Protestants and Catholics during the height of religious tensions in 16th Century France and explores the futile nature of this battle to establish religious dominance.
    The instability within the royal establishment leads Catherine de Medici to get her hands dirty in order to protect the throne for her issue.

    Performed candlelit against the dark back drop of Christ's College Chapel, this unique production of Marlowe's final play provides an opportunity to witness this rarely-performed work in an atmospheric and imaginative setting.


    if you have any questions about accessibility or arrangements that need to be made please get in contact with Hattie Hammans or Isobel Griffiths


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