Next To You I Lie
    By Trouble & Strife

    19:30, Wed 13th – Fri 15th June 2018 at Murray Edwards Bar
    Easter Week 7

    ‘It’s poison. It poisons everything.’

    It's 1989. Juliet wants to be a Page Three girl, but she isn’t getting any jobs.
    All Paula wants is for her daughter to be happy, but she worries about Juliet.
    Sian frowns upon her best friend's career choice - she fears the tainting impact of pornography on her relationship with boyfriend Mark.
    Elly, a former glamour model herself, now works as a booker for Mike Angels; she's committed to breaking Juliet into the industry, though perhaps not in the way that Juliet envisaged.

    'Next To You I Lie' examines the glamour model industry of the 1980s and its potentially corrosive effects on human relationships. It was devised in 1989 by Trouble & Strife, a women’s theatre company founded by students of New Hall (now Murray Edwards) with the explicit aim of producing work ‘by, for and about women’. The play explores themes that are still worryingly relevant today, raising questions about self-image, objectification, and the validity of relationships between men and women in a society that is inherently misogynistic.

    For the first time ever, the Murray Edwards bar – part of Chamberlain, Powell and Bon’s exciting brutalist architecture for the college – will be transformed into a theatre space, and used to stage a play which is the product of some of the college's own inspiring feminist alumni.



    Production Team

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    Set and Costume Designer –
    Stage Manager
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