A View from the Bridge
    By Arthur Miller

    19:30, Sat 23rd November 2019 - Sun 24th November 2019 at Friends of Peterhouse Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6 to Week 7

    Arthur Miller's 'A View from the Bridge' is timeless. Following the lives of Italian immigrants within 1950s Brooklyn, Miller raises the question of whether immigrants can ever feel truly at home in a country, or whether instead they will always be subject to feeling like an outsider. It is a play which feels particularly relevant given current discourse across the world about immigration.

    Eddie Carbone is a working-class man longshoreman who lives with his wife Beatrice and niece Catherine, a young girl on the verge of womanhood and increasingly becoming the object of Eddie's affections. The family dynamic is disturbed the arrival of Beatrice's cousins Marco and Rodolpho, illegal immigrants from Sicily who are attempting to find work in the States. As Catherine and Rodolpho begin to have feelings for each other, Eddie grows more and more jealous and, narrated by lawyer Alfieri, the play reaches a dramatic climax.


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