Clare Fellows' Garden Shakespeare
    By William Shakespeare

    14:30, Wed 19th June 2019 - Sat 22nd June 2019 at Clare Fellows' Garden
    Easter May Week

    It's time to plan the annual Clare College Shakespeare play in the Fellows' Garden! This play happens during May Week every year in Clare's gorgeous Fellows' Garden - renowned to be one of the most beautiful in Cambridge.

    Plays in recent years have been A Midsummer Night's Dream and Richard II, which were received very well by large audiences.

    This year, we are looking to recruit a DIRECTOR and PRODUCER from Clare College, who should pitch a shortened version of any Shakespeare play which they think would work well in an outdoor setting, and which can be cut to be performed in 90 minutes or under. Actors can be cast from any college in Cambridge University, or from Anglia Ruskin University.

    We tend to like seeing comedies in the garden, however, please be creative and if you think you have a great vision for a tragedy or history play, do send us your ideas! The play is traditionally Shakespeare, but if you've got an idea for another classic play which doesn't have performance rights (e.g. verse plays by Marlowe, Jonson, Webster, or a Greek Tragedy), please send us that as well. The key things to consider when choosing a play are: performable in under 90 mins, easy to follow, and would look fabulous in an ornamental garden with minimal set and costume.

    There will be an informal discussion with the President and Secretary of Clare Actors (who have produced and directed the 2017 and 2018 May Week plays, respectively) on Saturday 9th February at 11am in CELLARS, which anybody from Clare is welcome to attend if they have even a vague interest in being involved with the play. Please do come along, even if you have NO prior experience with Cambridge theatre.

    You can apply with a show pitch as either a director OR a producer, and you can apply solo or as a pair. It's more usual for directors to come up with the show they want to direct, but we're more than open for a producer to pitch a show idea, and we'll help pair you with a director who can turn your idea into reality.

    For EITHER role, please send an email to, detailing:

    • Your idea for the play you'd like to put on (or if you'd like to produce the show, but you don't have a play idea yourself, that's ok too! Just let us know.)
      • FOR BOTH: Any previous experience (though absolutely none is necessary)
      • FOR BOTH: How you think you'll market the show
      • FOR DIRECTORS: A rough schedule for when you'll cast the show, and how you plan to rehearse during Easter term

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