That Face
    By Polly Stenham

    19:30, Thu 28th February – Fri 1st March 2019 at Yusuf Hamied Theatre
    18:30, Sat 2nd March 2019 at Yusuf Hamied Theatre
    Lent Week 6

    'I did what I thought you should have done. Taken care of her. Taken very good care of her. Like she was broken. 'Cept I thought I could fix her. Thought I'd do anything to fix her. Used to wish it on eyelashes.'

    Mia is at boarding school. She has access to drugs. They are Martha's. Henry is preparing for Art College. He has access to alcohol. From Martha. Martha controls their lives. Martha is their mother.

    The winner of the TMA Award 2007 for Best New Play, Stenham's debut play 'That Face' delves into the life of a family that is falling apart, a family which exists in a liminal space in which parents become children, good people do bad things, and family relationships are turned on their head.

    'Crammed with startling images, ferocious cruelty and pitch-black humour, it is insolent, audacious, witty and wise.' - The Times


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