An Essay on Cat and Dog
    By Joseph Folley

    21:30, Tue 3rd – Wed 4th March 2020 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 7

    And before I killed it I just sort of, played with it?
    While it, squealed... don’t think it minded that, do you?

    A sunny day in the garden of the mysterious hairless god; Cat and Dog sit together by the shrubbery and while the hours away, discussing everything under the sun.
    Philosophy of language, casual genocide, masturbation...that sort of stuff.

    While Cat lays bare the stale (though still raw) kitchen sink trauma of his adolescence, and Dog staunchly defends the value of fun to the bitter end, it becomes clear that all previous attempts to shed light on the secret lives of domestic animals have probably been holding something back for the sake of the children. Please think twice before bringing them.

    Under the curious eye of an elderly Professor, the two bicker, joke and muse their way to conclusions of varying stability about the nature of their strange, safe little world - and probably, somewhere along the way, discover something akin to the meaning of friendship.




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