Anne Boleyn
    By Howard Brenton

    19:30, Wed 3rd – Sat 6th November 2021 at The Round Church
    Michaelmas Week 4

    A celebration of a great heroine and a fresh telling of the love story of Anne and Henry.

    A look at the complexities of faith, love and the corrupting nature of power.

    The play explores the radical nature of Anne's political, religious and sexual presence within the 16th century. Anne's legacy and vivacity bursts beyond the bounds of her era as her actions continue to impact the state of our current relationships and democracy.


    Robert Cecil
    Lady Jane/ Doctor John Reynolds/Second Countrywoman
    Simpkin/ Parrot
    George Villiers/ Sloop
    Lady Celia/ First Countrywoman/Dean Lancelot Andrews
    Thomas Cromwell
    King James I
    William Tyndale
    King Henry VIII
    Cardinal Wolsey/ Henry Barrow
    Lady Rochford
    Second Country Man
    Guard/ First Country Man
    Anne Boleyn

    Production Team

    Co-producer ,
    Costume Designer
    Assistant Director/ Stage Manager –
    Assistant Costume Designer
    Publicity Designer
    Lighting Designer
    Associate Movement Director –
    Movement Director –
    Lighting Operator –
    Musical Director
    Assistant Musical Director
    Headshot Photographer –
    Assistant Stage Manager