Arizona James and the Restorers of the Stolen Urn
By Thea Fennell

19:00, Wed 15th – Tue 21st December 2021 at Online
Christmas Vacation

It was an offer she couldn’t refuse. When a struggling arts graduate Arizona is hired to steal a priceless urn from a world-famous museum, her eccentric boss puts together an unlikely team of thieves: a hyperactive teen, a film geek, and (checks notes) ...a polyamorous car salesman. Welp, one bad decision is not the end of the world... or is it? With the international authorities on their heels, the crew must go on a quest over ranges and rivers, through sacred temples and airport security, to stop the apocalypse. But with time running out, can these archaeologically-inclined friends really solve the ancient mystery of the great bird-god Kevin? Or will the world as we know it be history?

Catch the first act here!


Arizona James
Emilio Auditore
Niagra “Nya” Keeblewhite
Zyanya James
Dr Vivian Storm
Professor Caldwell
Takumi Eskandar, Mysterious Stranger 2
Naomi Eskandar, Bernard Wintherbotham, Dr Maryam Fikri
Laurie Margolis
Phoenix, Mysterious Stranger 3
Diego, Shadowy Investor 1, Maximiliam Wright (Miles)
Mysterious Stranger 1, Radio Announcer
Amira, Bored Announcer, Pinneaple Seller
Martin, Guest 2
Lecturer, Receptionist, Sandra
Shadowy Investor 2, Inspector Scott, Guest 1, Leon
Pilot, Policewoman
Mysterious Researcher
Trailer Narrator


Production Team

Sound Editor
Graphic Designer –
Publicity Designer
Musical Director
Composer ,
Lyricist –
Assistant Director