Footlights Presents: Growing Pains - The Movie !

    20:00, Wed 12th May 2021 at ADC Online
    Easter Week 2

    πŸ†πŸ’πŸ₯¦Growing Pains is BACK! We actually never left...but now we have a performance slot! And this time, we're taking over THE BIG SCREEN (well...most likely your laptop screen...but STILL!)πŸ†πŸ’πŸ₯¦

    Petits Filous, puberty, podcasts: the growing gets tough. Growing Pains will explore the freaky foibles of growth and change: intergenerational mishaps, kids who want to be adults, adults who want to be kids and how much has YOUR sourdough starter grown?

    This array of sketches will take you through the garden centre of life where we are forced to confront both the familiar and the fantastical: Whether it's an over-woke grandparent educating their dearest alt-right grandkids, an anarchist amoeba resisting evolution, or a medieval baron going on a date with an Instagram influencer...

    Growing Pains looks at the growth of me, you, your nan, the world, the stock markets and maybe even your two front teeth? Growing, growing, gone!


    Production Team

    Director, Film Editor, Camera Op –
    Producer, Publicity Manager –
    Publicity Designer and Extraordinaire –
    Assistant Producer –
    Associate Director –
    Assistant Director, Sound Op, Chief Knitter –
    Camera Op –