Goblin Market
    By Christina Rossetti

    07:30, Tue 25th May 2021 - Wed 26th May 2021 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 4

    CN: sexual assault, addiction

    With lush and sensual language, Goblin Market celebrates and explores the complexity of sexuality and love.

    Two Sisters, Laura and Lizzie, struggle against the oppression and control of nineteenth century England in an otherworldly and yet familiar landscape.

    Laura is tempted to eat the goblin's fruit and subsequently becomes ill and tortured by addiction. Lizzie lets the goblins abuse her so that she can rejuvenate her sister.

    Goblin Market affirms these sisters’ bravery, solidarity and strength.

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    GOBLIN MARKET is looking for ACTORS!

    WEEK 4 LIVE SHOW @ CORPUS PLAYROOM Two actors needed for the roles of Laura and Lizzie to animate this timeless tale of sisterhood, strength and solidarity.

      Contact before 17th Apr 2021 01:00 for more details.


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