The Writer
    By Ella Hickson

    19:45, Tue 5th – Sat 9th October 2021 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 0

    Ella Hickson's 'The Writer' is a work of meta-theatre which addresses what it means to challenge the status quo; if it’s even possible to do so; and the personal costs of attempting it. If we want to change the world how should we write the new stories? The play attempts to answer such a question through brittle scenes which navigate gender, love, race, sex, and money. From a young woman forgetting her bag and a row over a cassoulet, to surreal memories of a lake and distorted realities, The Writer is attempting to destabilise the establishment from within.

    Funded by the Lady Margaret Players.


    The Writer
    The Girlfriend
    The Director
    The Boyfriend

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