By Dan Ward

    23:00, Wed 2nd – Fri 4th November 2022 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 4

    Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
    kidnapping (forceful deprivation of/disregard for personal autonomy)

    discrimination and/or bigotry (depictions of and/or references to sexism, transpobia and class-discrimination)

    drugs/alcohol/substance abuse

    Welcome aboard the Fine Duchess, Fine Line’s finest cross-Channel ferry! Join Charlie, a cynical corporate agent, Kay, a serious-minded young lawyer, and Finlay, a hapless trainee, who’ve been sent aboard to make half of the crew redundant and see that they leave the ship quietly. Bear with us as Fine Line’s crass tactics cause outrage and management lose control of the situation. Conditions may be choppy – but rest assured that the crew will take good care of everyone in their charge. Bon voyage!

    Inspired by the mass sacking of P&O Ferries staff in March 2022, Dan Ward’s original satire asks what professionalism means in today’s world and considers what we owe one another as friends, colleagues and strangers.

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