Joseph Wolffe


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  • Tickets to Earth - SHORT FILM – Marc

    00:00, Sat 15th – Sun 16th October 2022 Venue to be confirmed

    The Ticket is an original 15-20 minute short film.

    Pre-birth, in a white room beyond space and time, a mysterious woman called The Lady advises Juliana on the life on Earth ahead of her. She helps her…

  • The Fletcher Players' Bridgemas Play: Twelfth Night – Malvolio

    20:30, Mon 21st – Sat 26th November 2022 at To be decided

    ‘If music be the food of love, play on;’
    To put it simply: Viola thinks her brother is dead. He thinks that she is dead. Everyone
    thinks that she is her brother. Everyone thinks that her brother is her.…


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