Bloody Knees
    By Madeleine Sanderson

    21:30, Tue 5th – Sat 9th March 2024 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 7

    Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
    Abuse, self-harm and suicide, violence, pornographic content, mental illness, sexism and misogyny, swears or curses, manipulation, nudity, drug abuse

    Psychologists say that inside everyone is a child screaming out to be loved. But all this adult child screams for is a cheap double, a wank, and, if the cards are in her favour, to not fall asleep in front of the TV. Being a woman in your mid-twenties is hard, being an educated, underpaid part-time waitress and self-confessed terminal layabout is - well, not harder, but that hasn’t stopped Cass, our protagonist, from whining on about it. Georgie, long-term best friend and begrudging roommate, is increasingly keen for Cass to do something with her life (or at least start paying her half of the rent), as the audience is jettisoned through a lush pastiche of snapshots that every young twenty-something can relate to - botched job interviews, unrequited love, indiscriminate public acts of violence, the etiquette of sharing Class-B drugs, and a yearning for a childhood innocence you can’t quite ever return to. In a tale brimming with Y2K nostalgia for the faraway bliss of Saturday morning cartoons, fried finger-food, and a world where your biggest fear is simply skinning your knees on the playground, join Cass as she learns that, kicking and screaming, someday we’ve all got to grow up.

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    Sparks/Judge Garfield
    Little Lord Fauntleroy/Big Boss
    Shrew Lady/Samantha/Interviewer
    Nude painting

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