CULES: The Prophecy of Destiny
    By Sophie Brawn

    19:00, Thu 3rd February 2022 - Sat 5th February 2022 at Wolfson Hall, Churchill College
    Lent Week 2

    An ancient prophecy foretells… King Valiant’s great great granddaughter and her husband will defeat the Grand Mage’s great great grandson, thereby saving the Kingdom from Certain Doom. The nature of Doom aside, that’s one very specific prophecy as far as prophecies go. Princess Destiny has always known what she was born to do -- in general terms of defeating great great grandsons, anyway. Sadly, it seems that she first requires a husband -- an unfortunate technicality as she’s not so much into dashing male heirs to the throne as into peasant girls of revolutionary inclinations…
    Still, Fate is not to be argued with. Or is it?

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