The Pied Piper
    By Vinith Bhandari

    23:00, Wed 11th – Fri 13th May 2022 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 2

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    References to death, murder and some violence. The play reflects on the idea of childhood trauma and how this impacts people in their adulthood. Indirect references to mental health issues, trauma and their development.

    The origin story of the Pied Piper - the classic folklore as a Mime. The Pied piper was once a troubled child. Their mischievous nature got them attention they didn’t want. In adulthood, the piper is now famous for their tunes. The piper learns about the issues at Hamelin and decides to pay a visit. The mayor at Hamelin explains the problem and promises a reward. The piper accepts and they lure the rats. The mayor decides to not pay the piper. The piper swears revenge. Will their plan work out? Happily ever after or never after?

    Mime is finally here at Cambridge. Come experience the extravagance and magic this form of silent comedy brings to a dark tale.


    Production Team

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    Associate Producer –
    Music Composer –
    Publicity Manager
    Associate Director – ,
    Production consultant & Welfare Officer –
    Lighting Designer
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    Sound Designer
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    Stage Manager