Blank Canvas

    19:00, Tue 3rd – Sat 7th October 2023 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 0

    Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
    "One and a Part" - very strong language & spoken references to death, pregnancy, sex, sexism, alcohol, violence, abuse and prostitution

    "I miss SOPHIE" - very strong language, homophobia, transphobia, mentions of sexually explicit content, mention of suicide, sexual assault, description of child abuse & death/cannibalism

    "Angelus" - war, mental illness/PTSD, physical violence, death, strong language & sexual references

    "Turpitude" - threat, intimacy, violence, bullying & swearing

    "Oranges, Cut into Six" - psychological violence & mental, emotional and domestic abuse

    "Skylines" - mention of/allusion to death

    "Mages & Misadventures" - mild violence, threat, mental illness & grief

    "302" - homophobia, drug abuse, strong language, description of sexually explicit content, mentions of alcohol,

    Blank Canvas is a brand new creative writing venture by the Fletcher Players!

    In Michaelmas Week 0, the Fletcher Players are organising a table read for new and untested scripts by emerging Cambridge student writers. The idea is to create a low-key, welcoming space for scripts to be performed in front on an audience, who can then offer their responses. The focus is very much on providing a positive and nurturing environment where feedback can be sourced and given constructively. Pleased to announce that the programme is as follows:



    6:30pm - "One and a Part" by Toby Collins (approx. 50 mins)

    7:40pm - "I miss SOPHIE" by Evie Chandler (approx. 55 mins)


    6:30pm - "Angelus" by Jacinta Ngeh (approx. 120 mins)


    6:30pm - "Oranges, Cut into Six" by Yen Min Ting (approx. 80-85 mins)

    8:15pm - "Skylines" by Isabella Bottle (> 40 mins)


    6:30pm - "302" by Theo Chen (approx. 45 mins)

    7:35pm - "Turpitude" by Catherine McLean (< 90 mins)


    6:25pm - “The Lover’s Choice” by Irisa Kwok (approx. 5 minutes)

    6:30pm - “Soul Surprise, Some Advice” by Jacob Tucker (approx. 30 mins)

    7:20pm - “Mages & Misadventures” by Bear Stephenson (approx. 50-60 mins)

    8:30pm - “Untitled (A Trans Magdalene Play)” by Evie Chandler (approx. 50 mins)


    Contact organizers


    Oli (‘I miss SOPHIE’)
    Amy (‘I miss SOPHIE’)
    Interviewer/ Narrator (‘I miss SOPHIE’)
    Lily (‘Skylines’)
    Archie/ Worker 2 (‘Skylines’)
    Mr Cayder/ Ivy/ Worker 1 (‘Skylines’)
    Narrator (‘One and a Part’)
    Kim (‘Oranges, Cut Into Six’)
    Jia Wei (‘Oranges, Cut Into Six’)
    Na Wen/ Natalie (‘Oranges, Cut Into Six’)
    Grandfather/ Gen (‘Oranges, Cut Into Six’)
    Narrator (‘Oranges, Cut Into Six’)
    Nick (‘Angelus’)
    Isabel (‘Angelus’)
    Narrator (‘Skylines’)
    The Angel (‘Angelus’)
    Harry/ Father (‘Angelus’)
    Narrator (‘Angelus’)
    Steve/ Angel-Steve/ Police 1 (‘Angelus’)
    Police 2/ Doctor 1/ Doctor 2/ Receptionist/ Monica (‘Angelus’)
    A (‘302’)
    B (‘302’)
    C (‘302’)
    D (‘302’)
    Daniel/ The Host (‘Turpitude’)

    Production Team

    New Writers' Rep –
    Writer (‘One and a Part’) –
    Writer (‘I miss SOPHIE’ & ‘Untitled: A Trans Magdalene Play’) –
    Writer (‘Angelus’) –
    Writer (‘Turpitude’) –
    Writer (‘Mages & Misadventures’) –
    Writer (‘Oranges, Cut Into Six’) –
    Writer (‘Skylines’) –
    Writer (‘302’) –