Blank Canvas

    19:00, Tue 3rd – Sat 7th October 2023 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 0

    Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
    "One and a Part" - very strong language & spoken references to death, pregnancy, sex, sexism, alcohol, violence, abuse and prostitution

    "I miss SOPHIE" - very strong language, homophobia, transphobia, mentions of sexually explicit content, mention of suicide, sexual assault, description of child abuse & death/cannibalism

    "Angelus" - war, mental illness/PTSD, physical violence, death, strong language & sexual references

    "Turpitude" - threat, intimacy, violence, bullying & swearing

    "Oranges, Cut into Six" - psychological violence & mental, emotional and domestic abuse

    "Skylines" - mention of/allusion to death

    "Mages & Misadventures" - mild violence, threat, mental illness & grief

    Blank Canvas is a brand new creative writing venture by the Fletcher Players!

    Have a script that hasn't reached an audience yet? Looking to source feedback ahead of applying to competitions? Need an incentive to get that half-finished project on your laptop into working condition?

    In Michaelmas Week 0, the Fletcher Players are organising a table read for new and untested scripts by emerging Cambridge student writers. The idea is to create a low-key, welcoming space for scripts to be performed in front on an audience, who can then offer their responses. The focus is very much on providing a positive and nurturing environment where feedback can be sourced and given constructively. We're looking for all kinds of new ideas across different genres, so if you have something that fits the bill and want to see it performed then get in touch!

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    BLANK CANVAS - Apply Now for Table Reads in Week 0! – read more...

    The Fletcher Players are hosting a series of table reads in Week 0! If you’d like your script to be read in a nurturing, constructive environment then feel free to apply!

      For more details, read the full advert or contact Zach (New Writers’ Rep) at before 1st Oct 2023 23:59.

      Mages & Misadventures (BLANK CANVAS) needs ACTORS for TABLE READ – read more...

      Blank Canvas is a new table reading showcase by the Fletchers Players. Bear Stephenson’s “Mages & Misadventures” is looking for actors for a 50-60 minute performance at this table reading. This is a relaxed role: the table reading will be script-in-hand. This piece will be read on 7th October at 18:30. I’m looking to fill the following (with actors being given the opportunity to play multiple roles) Cassandra (Principal character), Merlin (Principal character), Frank, Mr Sparks, Finn, Hepzibah, Bard, Magister, Magister, Student, Dybbuk, Shopkeeper, Morgana, Mordred, Clarice, Behemoth, Katkin, Guinevere, Arthur, Kasa-Obake (Voiceover), Kasa-Obake (Voiceover), Kasa-Obake (Voiceover), Baba Yaga, Djinn, Librarian, Wyvern, Grandfather Clock,

        For more details, read the full advert or contact ASAP thank you :) before 7th Oct 2023 16:00.


        Oli ("I miss SOPHIE")
        Amy ("I miss SOPHIE")
        Interviewer/ Narrator ("I miss SOPHIE")

        Production Team

        New Writers' Rep –
        Writer (“One and a Part”) –
        Writer (“I miss SOPHIE”) –
        Writer (“Angelus”) –
        Writer (“Oranges, Cut into Six”) –
        Writer (“Skylines”) –
        Writer (“302”) –
        Writer (“Turpitude”) –
        Writer (“A Monologue”) –
        Writer (“Soul Surprise, Some Advice”) –
        Writer (“Mages & Misadventures”) –
        Writer (“Untitled Trans Magdalene Play”) –