Peer Gynt: a jazz play @ Edinburgh Fringe
    By Henrik Ibsen

    23:00, Tue 1st – Thu 31st August 2023 Venue to be confirmed
    Summer Vacation

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    Loss of a loved one
    Mention of kidnapping

    When the play was originally staged in 1876, it was accompanied by incidental music written by Edvard Grieg. This music later formed the iconic and world-famous Peer Gynt Suite, which features songs from the play that are now instantly recognisable, such as Morning and In the Hall of the Mountain King (aka Alton Towers theme). Since, then the play and its music has been adapted in hundreds of different ways, including a jazz reinterpretation of Grieg’s suite, recorded by Duke Ellington in 1961.

    Just as this was a reinterpretation of Grieg’s music, I want to make a new reinterpretation of the original play, accompanied with live jazz music. I pitched a similar thing for the Corpus Playroom in Lent last year, but now I want to take the same concept, and do something completely different with it.

    The play will comprise of actor-musicians playing new jazz interpretations of Grieg’s music, completely reimagining the iconic melodies, infusing them with a diverse array from the worlds of jazz.

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