That's The Spirit! Live
    By Rynn Hotwani

    18:30, Thu 16th – Sat 18th February 2023 at Wolfson Hall, Churchill College
    Lent Week 4

    Have you ever dreamed of ditching your degree for the wonderful world of video games? So has Hazel Hadley. Insecure and generally miserable with the state of her life, a queer cottagecore dating sim is the one place she can truly be herself. So when a freak storm makes her beloved game her reality, Hazel and her two best friends quickly realise their only path to freedom is for Hazel to make someone fall in love with her. When the real world and the digital world collide, it’s time for all three of them to face the music, do some yoga, bake some pies, and discover just how much of their true selves they’ve been suppressing. A lighthearted feel-good tale of self-discovery and queer romance awaits!


    Avery Cox
    Hazel Hadley
    Carmen, Student 1, Timmy's Mum, Voice of Mewsli
    Post-Person, Cabbage Merchant, Parent
    Darcy, Student 4
    Oliver (Oli) Branch
    Bryony (Bri) Florentine, Student 5
    Kaiden, Mr Borble
    Demelza Lockhart
    Luca, Professor, Neighbour. Meat Vendor
    Karen Krinklewhacker
    Mr Moore, Bodyguard 1, Nut Seller, Student 3
    Mason, Bodyguard 2, Linda, Kristie
    Addison, Janet, Yoga Instructor


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    Assistant Musical Director, Composer & Songwriter –

    Production Team

    Assistant Director
    Art Director –
    Set Designer
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    Composer & Publicity –
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