By Bill Dallas Lea

    19:00, Tue 5th – Sat 9th March 2024 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 7

    Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
    death and/or dying
    brief mention of terrorism
    frequent strong language
    flashing lights

    "They've got no sense of what we're trying to achieve here!"
    "You've gotta roll with it, you can't just hide yourself away!"
    "For someone who's not the captain, you're doing a hell of a lot of captaining..."

    It's the worst group project imaginable - and, it's in space.

    From the writer of last year's Macroevolution: Variant B, KSOSES is a sci-fi comedy/drama about four astronauts trapped in a training simulation. Isala, Chenruth, Myraden, and Vos may all be individually gifted, but somehow, combined, they bring out the very worst in each other: sulking, pettiness, unbearable passive aggression - all this and much, much more. And, as if working together wasn't hard enough, something about their environment seems off... but how do you escape a simulation from the inside? Come for the sitcom, stay for the epic space adventure.

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    Kahlmann-Sol Official / Planet F Astronauts

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    Stage Manager
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    Costume Designer
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    Lighting Designer