Penelope Quadrangle and the Meaning of Friendship
By Amenie Groves

23:00, Wed 15th – Sat 18th May 2024 at ADC Theatre
Easter Week 3

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Excessive violence, Blood, Alcohol, Needles, Death

Penelope Quadrangle has one best friend in the entire world: Natalie. Sure, she doesn’t talk much, or invite Penelope to her birthday drinks, and might be a serial killer, but they’ve been best friends since high school, and never quite grew out of it.

And then there’s her next-door neighbour Bridget, who insists on trying to be friends, and absolutely believes that Penelope is lonely. She’s not. In fact, she has a thriving social life which includes going on coffee dates every single week in her favourite middle-class café.

But when she personally witnesses Natalie brutally murder a client at their workplace, priority number one is make sure she isn't next. As she attempts her first ever friend break-up, conversations with Bridget begin to pick apart Penelope’s ideas on what a friend really is. Shouldn’t friends be there for one another, even if it means hiding a body? And would she frame Bridget to protect herself from her own best friend?

If Penelope is one thing, it’s loyal. (And extremely well dressed. And absolutely, definitely, not lonely.)

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