CADS Panto 2016: Spelunking in the Wrong Hole
    By Alex Bailey

    20:00, Mon 28th – Wed 30th November 2016 at Christ's New Court Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 8

    CADS’ Christmas Panto is finally here! Prepare to be taken on yet another wild ride (this time with a plot!) as we follow the events of an industrial sales pitch gone awry.

    This year’s Panto takes us up north, to Yorkshire, to visit the family mine of old-money entrepreneur Rupert Buttock. Having reached retirement age, Rupert is now making preparations to sell his mine to the extravagant Dame Ivanna Sukyoff, the daughter of an unfortunately named billionaire. Unsurprisingly, something goes rather wrong during Rupert’s sales pitch to the Dame (entirely the fault of his incompetent mine Foreman, George), which results in all three of the aforementioned humans becoming trapped deep in the Buttock mine.

    Stuck with no clear exit, the trio decide to explore the shaft for some means of release – a quick spelunk never hurt anyone, right?

    There will be drama. There will be magic. There will be a panto horse


    Dame Ivana Sukuov
    The Queen
    The Overlord
    Donald Trump
    The Fairy

    Production Team

    Musical Director
    Costume Designer