Amelia Cordwell


Amelia Cordwell is currently involved with

Footlights ADC Smokers 23-24 – Sound Design

23:00, Tue 10th October 2023 at ADC Theatre

Footlights Spring Revue 2024: Washed Up – Technical Director

14:30, Sat 24th February 2024 at ADC Theatre

Spring Revue is one of the biggest events in the Cambridge comedy calendar, showcasing the talents of comedians within the current Footlights membership. This year’s theme is “Washed Up”:

“While taking a cruise around the Bermuda Triangle (which was unreasonably cheap in hindsight) a shipwreck leaves the cast stranded on a desert island. Left with nothing but eight records, the complete works of William Shakespeare, the Holy Bible and a volleyball, the cast must find some way to keep themselves entertained. So to quell conversations of who to eat first, the passengers sit around the fire telling stories…”

As the creative culmination of the 2023-24 Footlights membership expect a show bursting at the seams with wicked wit, unforgettable characters, and even non-complimentary ice cream at the interval…


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