Peace in Our Time
By Noel Coward

7:45pm, Tue 19th November 2002 - Sat 23rd November 2002, at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 6

The year is 1940 and the place London. However, this is not a London at war, but a London swarming with Nazi troops and controlled from Germany by Hitler. In this fascinating, rarely staged play Coward examines the chilling idea of what England might have become had the tide turned against the Allies in the Battle of Britain. This is a script which will both challenge and inspire the Freshers to produce what will undoubtedly be a thought-provoking and incredible evening of theatre. 


Alma Boughton -
Fred Shattock -
Janet Braid -
Doris Shattock -
Mr. Grainger -
Mrs. Grainger -
Nora Shattock -
Lyia Vivian -
George Bourne -
Ben Capper/Archie Jenkins/Mr Williams -
Chorley Bannister -
Bobby Plaxton/German Officer -
Albrecht Richter -
Phyllis Mere -
Maudie/Mrs. Massiter -
Gladys Mott -
Alfie Blake -
Mr. Lawrence/German Officer -
Herr Huberman/Kurt Forster -
Frau Huberman -
Billy Grainger -
Doctor Venning -
Lily Blake -
Stevie -

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