By Max Frisch (trans Michael Bullock)

    19:45, Tue 21st – Sat 25th October 2003 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 2

    Andorra is the story of Andri, the adopted child of an Andorran school-teacher, whom everybody including himself believes is a Jew. Andri's life begins to fall apart when the Andorrans are invaded by their fiercely anti-Semitic neighbours, the Blacks; his countrymen, seeking a scapegoat, turn on him. In the conflict that follows, Andri is forced into confronting his own identity in a struggle with hatred, despair and love which is doomed to fail.

    As Max Frisch insisted, Andorra is nothing to do with the state of the same name, nor with any country, but a vision of violence, bigotry and tragedy that could occur anywhere. This production stays faithful to his ideals, refusing to moralise and exposing the brutality that can lie so easily under a thin veneer of bourgeois respectability.


    The Teacher
    The Soldier
    The Somebody
    The Doctor
    The Priest
    The Carpenter
    The Journeyman
    The Idiot
    The Innkeeper

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