A Small Family Business - Freshers' Show
    By Alan Ayckbourn

    19:45, Tue 16th November 2004 - Sat 20th November 2004 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    “A Small Family Business” is produced, directed and acted in entirely by Freshers. In previous years, the theatre has been fully packed for the shows and they always receive an extremely positive response, as Cambridge's fresh theatrical talent is introduced to the community.


    Poppy -
    Harriet -
    Samantha -
    Benedict -
    The Rivetti Brothers -

    Production Team

    Producer -
    Technical Director -
    Sound Director -
    Stage Manager -
    Assistant SM -
    Production Designer -
    Costume/Make up -
    Publicity -
    Lighting Designer -
    Producer -