Henry V
    By William Shakespeare

    19:45, Tue 2nd – Sat 6th March 2004 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Lent Week 7


    Bardolph / Isabel / Queen of France
    Boy / formerly Falstaff's page / Captain Gower
    Nim / Henry/ Lord Scroop of Marsham / Louis the Dauphin
    Mistress Quickly / Pistol's wife
    Earl of Warwick / Sir Thomas Grey / a traitor / Alexander Court
    Catherine / Princess of France
    Duke of Exeter / Captain Fluellen / a welshman / Duke of Burgandy
    Alice / Catherine's lady in waiting
    Henry the Fifth of England
    The constable of France / Pistol
    Duke of Westmoreland / Governor of Harfleur / Monsieur le Fer
    Duke of Orleans
    Bishop of Ely / Duke of Bedford / John Bates
    Archbishop of Canterbury / Charles the sixth of France / Sir Thomas Erpingham

    Production Team

    Stage Manager
    Technical Director
    Lighting Designer
    Assistant Lighting Designer/Sound Operator –
    Costume Assistant –
    Publicity –
    Artwork –
    Fight Choreographer –