The Webster Society presents...

    The Magic Flute
    By Mozart

    19:45, Tue 27th – Sat 31st January 2004 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    A bird-catcher, an investment banker, a captured princess, three sassy ladies, two lions and the Queen of the Night all come together for Mozart’s masterpiece, which mixes inspired silliness with a passionate plea for the importance of music and love. It’s zany, fast, funny, tuneful, silly, profound and extremely moving.

    Prince Tamino, bogged down with work and worries, is experiencing a mid-life crises. He is rescued by the Three Ladies and finds himself in a surreal world of fairy-tales, dancing and beauty. And… he finds himself in love. However, as always, it’s not quite that simple and Tamino is forced to embark on a quest for his Lady in a world where nothing is certain and everything is possible…

    Young professionals join the best of Cambridge’s singers, dancers, actors and instrumentalists, bringing to life some of Mozart’s most popular music. This fully staged production, sung in modern English, promises to be visually stunning and appeal to opera-buffs and opera-phobics alike.


    1st Lady
    2nd Lady
    3rd Lady
    Queen of the Night
    1st Spirit
    2nd Spirt
    3rd Spirit
    Men At Arms
    Orchestra: Leader
    Orchestra: 2nd Violin
    Orchestra: Viola
    Orchestra: Cello
    Orchestra: Flute
    Orchestra: Oboe
    Orchestra: Clarinet
    Orchestra: Bassoon
    Orchestra: Horn
    Orchestra: Celeste and Percussion
    Orchestra: Trumpeter

    Production Team

    Musical Director
    Production/Publicity Designer –
    Lighting Designer
    Stage Manager
    Assistant Stage Manager
    Wardrobe Supervisor –
    Publicity Officer –
    Programme Design –
    Producer ,
    Master Carpenter
    Technical Director
    Repetiteur –