Bartholomew Fair
    By Ben Jonson

    17:00, Thu 23rd June 2005 at Maria Bjornson Theatre, Robinson College
    Easter May Week

    . . . in the year 1850 ... there was not any Fair left worth a Mayor's proclaiming. After that year, therefore, no Mayor accompanied the gentleman whose duty it was to read a certain form of words out of a certain parchment under a quiet gateway. . . . Bartholomew Fair was proclaimed for the last time in the year 1855.

    John Timbs, Curiosities of London, 1867

    "A pimp and a scab?"

    Marlowe 100: a century of drama 1907-2007

    To kick of its Centenary celebrations, the Marlowe Society brings you its 2005 May Week Play... BARTHOLOMEW FAIR, by Ben Jonson

    For One Glorious Day Only, Cambridge will play Smithfield and revive the infamous Bartholomew Fair, 150 years after it was last proclaimed by the Lord Mayor. In a Wild, sprawling promenade production of Jonson's 1614 play of the same name, Willing Audiences and Unsuspecting Tourists alike will mingle with Vagabonds, Toysellers, Puritans, Puppeteers, Prostitutes, Pickpockets, Morris Men, Fortune Tellers, Hobby Horses and the whole Gin-Soaked cacophony of Hog-Roasts and Boisterous Exuberants...

    "It is not profane!"

    FROM 5pm join us for a Juggling Spectacular, Morris Men, Live Music and a Wrestling Tournament - featuring Puppy the Wrestler! Ursla's Booth and Roast Pig Establishment will provide Food and Drink all evening, whilst Punk Alice will be on Hand to Satisfy your most Carnal Longings

    AT 6.30pm stay with us for the MAIN FEATURE - Mr Benjamin Jonson's play, Bartholomew Fair - performed by the Most excellent Marlowe Society Players, and starring Puppy the Wrestler!

    All for the Bargain price of £10 (£8.50 students and concessions), with Hog Roast and Free Drinks at Ursla's Booth thrown in For Good Measure. EMAIL Bella Watts ( to reserve tickets - and Hurry! Places are limited and they won't last long! BOOK NOW to avoid crushing disappointment.

    "The wares are the wares of devils; and the whole Fair is the shop of Satan!"

    This production is kindly hosted by Robinson College, in association with The Brickhouse Theatre Company


    John Littlewit, a proctor -
    Win Littlewit, his wife -
    Dame Purecraft, her mother and a widow -
    Zeal-of-the-Land Busy, her suitor, a Banbury man -
    Winwife, his rival, a gentleman -
    Quarlous, his companion, a gamester -
    Bartholomew Cokes, an esquire of Harrow -
    Adam Overdo, a Justice of the Peace -
    Dame Overdo, his wife -
    Lantern Leatherhead, a hobby-horse seller -
    Joan Trash, a gingerbread seller -
    Ezekiel Edgworth, a cutpurse -
    Nightingale, a ballad-singer -
    Ursla, a pig-woman -
    Mooncalf, her tapster -
    Captain Whit, a bawd -
    Punk Alice, mistress o' the game -
    Trouble-All, a madman -
    Haggis, a watchman -
    Bristle, a watchman -
    Costard-Monger -
    Corncutter/Val Cutting -
    Tinderboxman/Northern -
    Puppy, a wrestler -
    Humphrey Wasp, his man -
    Jordan Knockem, a horse-courser and ranger o' Turnbull -
    Pocher/Filcher/Sharkwell, a doorkeeper -

    Production Team

    Producer -
    Stage Manager -
    Composer -
    Director/Designer - ,
    Publicity Manager -
    Pig Man -
    Puppet Adviser -