By Alan Ayckbourn

    23:00, Wed 16th November 2005 - Sat 19th November 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    The ADC's Freshers' Plays showcase new Cambridge acting and backstage talent from the Freshers of 2005.

    From restaurants to parks to village fetes, these plays deal riotously - and sharply - with human eccentricities and loneliness. As characters lurch from professional conflicts to marital infidelity, their cries for help are instantly recognisable.

    Superb examples of Ayckbourn's black comedies of human behaviour, these four short plays are taken from his Confusions collection. In The Drinking Companion, an absentee husband attempts seduction without success; and a waiter oversees a fraught dinner encounter in Between Mouthfuls. A garden party gets out of hand in Gosforth’s Fete, whilst strangers sitting alone pester each other for A Talk in the Park.

    A huge hit when it opened in the West End, this production full of witty humour shows Ayckbourn at his very best.

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