By Aristophanes

    21:00, Tue 1st March 2005 - Sat 5th March 2005 at School of Pythagoras, St John's College
    Lent Week 6

    Trygaeus, elderly farmer hero and all-round horny old man, flies on a dung beetle to Heaven in order to rescue Peace, and ends up marrying her nubile niece. On the way he has to hide from War’s enormous furry phallus, dupe the gullible Hermes, dodge a disgruntled arms dealer, and find enough food to feed the wedding guests.

    Aristophanes’ effortlessly ridiculous satire on the war between Athens and Sparta is brought bang up-to-date in this all-singing, all-dancing adaptation. So let the all-female cast rub you up the right way, as girl takes on girl with shadow puppet action.

    Looking for a show? Peace is the one you want.

    Greece is the word.


    Trygaeus -
    Slave 2, War, Slave -
    Slave 1, Hermes, Surgeon -
    Christmas, Teiresias, Armsdealer -
    Havoc, Peace, Flagmaker -
    Jenna, Easter -
    Violinist -
    Flautist -
    Puppeteer (Narrator) -

    Production Team

    Choreographer -
    Props Manager -
    Lighting Design -
    Publicity Design -
    Stage Manager -
    Lighting Operator -