The Fire Raisers
    By Max Frisch

    23:00, Wed 16th February 2005 - Sat 19th February 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 4

    If a part-time waiter and retired wrestler came to your front door, completely uninvited, and started to load the attic with enormous tanks of petrol, shamelessly explaining their plan to destroy the neighbourhood, you’d probably think they were joking. But this is exactly the situation thrust upon Herr Biedermann, a typically narrow-minded and unexciting bourgeois gentleman, who just happens to have a ‘very favourably situated’ house.

    A comic allegory of the appeasement of Hitler, The Fire Raisers is a colourful tapestry of paradox. It deals with delusion, persuasion, political blindness, the folly of mankind, and yet all in such a darkly hilarious way that you won’t know what to feel.

    Comedy, original music and lots of mind warping psychology: this show is guaranteed to blow you away.


    Gottlieb Biedermann -
    Babette Biedermann -
    Anna, the Maid -
    Schmitz -
    Eisenring -
    Doctor of Philosophy -
    Policeman -

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