By Ben Jonson (adapted by Libby Penn & Cat O'Shea)

    19:45, Tue 15th – Sat 19th February 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 4

    This gothic adaptation of a classic play, refreshed for the modern generation, offers a satire on contemporary life and current news, asking the questions we’re too afraid to ask. Examining the corruption of wealth, the exploitation of power and the commodification of the sexes through the medium of the media, this show promises to transform the ADC into a live news room! Volpone, the protagonist, endeavours to trick his ‘friends’ out of money by pretending to be at death’s door, upon receiving the gifts he wants more…the wife of one of his friends, to save him from death and fall into his grace. His humble servant Mosca aids his master all he can, but his intentions are far from innocent… With all the farce of the original play, but with the politics and lust of the 21st century, come witness the humour and the horror, come deceive and be deceived.


    Sir Theodore Volpone
    John Mosca
    Tony Corbaccio
    Vinnie Voltore
    Lady Would-Be
    Sir Politic Would-Be
    Celia Corvino
    Eddie Corvino
    Charlie Bonario
    Janet Servatore

    Production Team

    Technical Director
    Lighting Designer
    Sound Designer
    Production LX –
    Dramaturg –
    Stage Manager ,