Our Country's Good
    By Timberlake Wertenbaker

    19:45, Tue 9th – Sat 13th May 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 2

    1789; the British government strikes upon a novel solution to prison overcrowding - ship the problem to the underside of the world…

    True patriots all; for be it understood, We left our country for our country's good

    Supplies are running short; theft, prostitution and violence are rife. Whispers of mutiny abound in the ranks of criminals and gaolers alike. A young lieutenant, vying for the governor's attention, has an idea. With only two copies of the script, rehearsals for the first Australian performance of “The Recruiting Officer” commence...

    And none will doubt but that our emigration, Has prov'd most useful to the British nation.

    Winner of the 1988 Laurence Olivier Play of the Year Award and based on the novel by Thomas Kennealy (author of Schindler's List), Our Country's Good is a modern classic. At once poignant, funny and uplifting, this is theatre at its best.

    'Rarely has the redemptive, transcendental power of theatre been argued with such eloquence and passion.' Independent


    Campbell/Arscott/Harry Brewer
    Ralph Clark
    Dabby Bryant/ Faddy
    Meg/ Reverend Johnson
    Ross/ Freeman
    Liz/ Dawes
    Mary Brenham
    Phillip/ Wisehammer

    Production Team

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    Stage Manager
    Lighting Designer
    Production Electrician
    Technical Director
    Costume Designer ,
    Production Electrician , ,
    Sound Designer