I Scream... Scoop!
    By Tom Hensby

    23:00, Wed 21st – Sat 24th November 2007 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 7

    Stop Press! Here comes a play set in a local newspaper office, which redefines the idea of NEWS: Old lady savaged to death by her own collection of cats! Abusive secretaries! The tragic tale of a man who was just too good at digging holes without a spade! Ian McKellen's furtive fancy dress hobby! Chicken wings! An aristocrat in a cardboard box! Murderous schoolchildren! Indestructible gardeners! THE END OF THE WORLD! (on a provincial scale). - Forget world news! forget Heat magazine and The Times, and come to a place where 'Botox' is how posh people say 'buttocks', where congestion charges are when the price of Kleenex goes up, where the men are men, and so - for the most part - are the women. Hot new writing from Cambridge alumnus Tom Hensby, (shortlisted for the Harry Porter Prize and the 'Other' Prize): I Scream Scoop: Terrible pun. Terribly funny play.


    Tenzing White
    Great Aunty White
    Vicky Watt
    Timothy the 4th of Spunworm, Sir Ian McKellan, Mickey Lawson, Quilp
    Phil the Photographer, Mr Gilchrist, Frank Forman, Mayor
    Amy Tweddle, Miss Whitaker
    Colin Metcalfe, Eric Griffiths, Old dear 1, Sheep 1, Man in Well
    Stephen Wilkins, Adrian Poole, Old dear 2, Sheep 2
    Jack 'The Hack' Surtees

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