I Scream... Scoop!
    By Tom Hensby

    23:00, Wed 21st November 2007 - Sat 24th November 2007 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 7

    Stop Press! Here comes a play set in a local newspaper office, which redefines the idea of NEWS: Old lady savaged to death by her own collection of cats! Abusive secretaries! The tragic tale of a man who was just too good at digging holes without a spade! Ian McKellen's furtive fancy dress hobby! Chicken wings! An aristocrat in a cardboard box! Murderous schoolchildren! Indestructible gardeners! THE END OF THE WORLD! (on a provincial scale). - Forget world news! forget Heat magazine and The Times, and come to a place where 'Botox' is how posh people say 'buttocks', where congestion charges are when the price of Kleenex goes up, where the men are men, and so - for the most part - are the women. Hot new writing from Cambridge alumnus Tom Hensby, (shortlisted for the Harry Porter Prize and the 'Other' Prize): I Scream Scoop: Terrible pun. Terribly funny play.


    Tenzing White -
    Great Aunty White -
    Vicky Watt -
    Timothy the 4th of Spunworm, Sir Ian McKellan, Mickey Lawson, Quilp -
    Phil the Photographer, Mr Gilchrist, Frank Forman, Mayor -
    Amy Tweddle, Miss Whitaker -
    Colin Metcalfe, Eric Griffiths, Old dear 1, Sheep 1, Man in Well -
    Stephen Wilkins, Adrian Poole, Old dear 2, Sheep 2 -
    Jack 'The Hack' Surtees -

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