Mozart and Saileri
    By Aleksandr Pushkin

    23:00, Wed 31st January 2007 - Sat 3rd February 2007 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    ‘He is a genius, Like you and me; but genius and evil Are incompatible. Surely that’s true?’

    ‘You think so? Then drink up.’

    The tragedy which gave birth to a myth of artistic envy and murder and inspired Amadeus 150 years later, Mozart and Salieri is the greatest play by Aleksandr Pushkin – the father of Russian literature.

    The famous composer Salieri has become a tortured shadow, driven to desperation by the divine genius which should have been his yet belongs instead to his idle, childlike friend Mozart. Poisoned by envy and despair, tormented by visions of great composers mocking his mediocrity, Salieri is torn between his love for the innocent Mozart and his festering impulse for revenge.

    Pushkin’s tragedy is stunningly brought to life in a dark spectacle which will bombard the senses, incorporating live classical music, grotesque physicality and healthy doses of humour and pain. Find your inner Salieri…


    Salieri -
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    Dante -
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    The Blind Fiddler -
    The Apparition -

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