Mr Kolpert
    By David Gieselmann, translated by David Tushingham

    21:00, Tue 30th October – Sat 3rd November 2007 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 4

    A dinner party goes badly wrong. Sarah and Ralf are a young couple failing to find happiness in clubs or cinemas. They invite Sarah’s colleague Edith and her husband Bastian for dinner. Ralf jokes in poor taste that there’s a corpse in the trunk behind him. The level of taste descends as Bastian struggles to contain his violent discomfort at the prolonged joke, while his wife wants to join in the fun. Pizza is ordered. They discuss work. A defiled corpse falls out of the cupboard.

    Mr Kolpert is a strikingly original work by a young writer, premièred at the Royal Court. It manages to fuse the excesses of Sarah Kane with the black humour of Pinter’s awkward interiors. This is a provocative, but above all a fantastically funny play. Nasty violence and guffaws: this says something about the way we live now, but we'll be too shocked and amused to care.


    Pizza Man
    Mr Kolpert

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